European sports law

NEW 3. edition

The unprecedented globalization of sports continues to challenge the way that sports organizations and leagues are doing business, and this development is inevitably reflected in the status quo of sports law.

The book comes at a time when new ground-breaking and pivotal court decisions over
the last few years have been made, both in the United States about the amateur status of
student/athletes in collegiate sports and their right to commercially exploit their own name, image and likeness, and in Europe about the scope of the sports article in 165 TFEU as a means to protect the traditional European Model of Sport against attempts to introduce leagues in Europe -like the Super League in football- modeled around US Major Leagues.
Throughout the book’s chapters on free movement of labor, competition law, agent regulation, broadcasting and intellectual property law, European sports law is compared and discussed in a comparative analysis of US sports law and jurisprudence to outline a possible common trend in international sports law doctrines across the Atlantic.

Dansk og international sportsret

The basic idea behind this book is that sports law is not just a national legal discipline, but that an
international, even a global, perspective is necessary for anybody involved in modern sports law. Rules and
decisions promulgated by international sports federations, such as FIFA and UCI, anti-doping rules
established by WADA, and awards from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland
have a significant importance for sports in Denmark and Europe. This book is an extensive, but not
exhaustive, examination of Danish and international sports law, which includes issues and topics, which
empirically are of the greatest interest for the practicing sports lawyer. I have written the book’s chapters
on Sport and EU-law, and Sport and Intellectual Property Rights. The other authors are Jens Evald (editor),
Mads Quist Boesen, Søren Sandfeld Jakobsen, Karsten Naundrup Olesen and Nis Jul Clausen.

Sports law in Denmark

The book describes and discusses both state-created rules and autonomous self-regulation regarding the variety of economic, social, commercial, cultural and political aspects of sports activities. Self-regulation manifests itself in the form of by-laws, and encompasses organizational  provisions, disciplinary rules, and rules of play. However, the trend towards more professionalism in sports and the growing economic, social and cultural relevance of sports have prompted an increasing reliance on legal rules adopted by public authorities. it is in this dual and overlapping context that such much-publicized aspects of sport as doping, sponsoring and media are legally measured. This book on Sports law in Denmark is co-authored by me and Professor, Dr. jur. Jens Evald.